Megalearn is a small Swedish company exploring how modern technology can be used to teach complicated subjects.

Megalearn was founded in the spring of 2016 by Per Thulin  (the programmer) and Joy Leelawat (the artist).


Per Thulin

Per is Megalearn's programmer. As a child, Per was interested in animals, nature and computer games. Later on he learned programming and started making his own games. Megalearn allows him to combine his two passions. Per has a B.Sc. in Media Technology.



Joy Leelawat

Joy is Megalearn's designer. As a child, Joy grew up in Thailand, surrounded by beautiful nature. Joy's interests in architecture, philosophy and painting has lead her to develop a sophisticated and unique art style. Joy has a MSc. in Media Technology and Game Design from ITU of Copenhagen, a M.Arch in Urban planning from KU Leuven and a B.Arch from Chulalongkorn University.