The digital science teacher in your phone.

We are a small Swedish studio focusing on a big problem: not enough young people are interested in science and technology. Currently science is taught from dry text books or videos where someone talks too fast. Apps have proven great at teaching math and language, but where are all the amazing science apps? Well, we have an idea for one. 


Our idea

Our idea is an iPhone app (and Android in the future) where a digital teacher guides you through mini lessons around science and technology.



The digital teacher knows you, meaning it can explain how the lessons are relevant to your life.


Interactivity prevents your brain from going into passive potato mode (PPM).




Teacher presentations and videos have one problem in common, they either go too fast or too slow for almost everyone in the audience. Our lessons progress at your pace.


We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to make this idea become reality. Support us here.


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