About Megalearn

Megalearn is a small Swedish company exploring how modern technology can be used to teach complicated subjects.

Megalearn was founded in the spring of 2016 by Per Thulin  (the programmer) and Joy Leelawat (the artist). Together Per and Joy form a powerful creative duo.



Per is Megalearn's programmer. He has a broad experience in game development, computer graphics, mobile and web. Prior to starting Megalearn, Per was working as a consultant doing creative projects for clients such as Citrix/Podio, Hero Gaming and Boozt. Prior to being a consultant, Per worked as a web developer for the crowdfunding startup Flattr. His hobby projects range from technical open source projects to small indie games sold on the App Store. Per has a B.S. in Media Technology from Blekinge Institute of Technology.


Joy is Megalearn's designer. Prior to starting Megalearn, Joy was working as a product designer at Citrix/Podio and Beagle. As a Copenhagen based designer, she worked for clients such as Egmont, Nordisk Film and Folketinget (the danish parliament). She also worked as a lecturer at Thammasat design school in Bangkok. Her hobby projects range from making design tools for digital fabrication, to furniture and origami toys. Joy has an MSc. in Media Technology and Game Design from ITU of Copenhagen, M.Arch in Urban planning from KU Leuven and B.Arch from Chulalongkorn University.