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Have your child ever wondered why trees produce delicious fruit and berries? Or why dandelions release their seeds into the air? In Bloom, your child explores the ingenious strategies used by plants to spread their seeds.


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What do others say?

Bloom is a fun and entertaining way to learn about some important aspects of biology and plant life cycles, and activates some important higher-learning skills such as generalization and finding similarities and differences.
— Best Apps For Kids
If you are looking for a great new app for kids who love nature, be sure to check out Bloom. I thought that this app was beautifully done.
— Nikki - The iPhoneMom
After playing through the game, my son could explain how the blackberry bush in the garden got there and how berries grow to later be eaten by birds... Mission completed! 👍
— Oskarina Finesine,
My youngest loves all the meaningful interactions and animations as he explores scenes after scenes.
— Grace, The iMums
Poetry in tablet form.
— Anders Pollas, Copenhagen
My daughter enjoy the effects and sounds a lot!
— Masaki Iwamoto, Tokyo
So beautiful and delicate.
— Davi Ferreira, Father of two
Amazing artwork and animations, clear and consistent what to do. And the quiz is fun.
— Theresa Kjellström, Sweden